Understated Elegance with an Asian Flare

The simplicity of design and restricted use of color in this garden is in keeping with the hint of Chinoiserie found in the front porch railings and pergolas outside, and the clean, uncluttered lines of the home’s interior.

A toned-down color palate that relies heavily on shades of green and white gives the garden a quiet Zen-like quality, and a walled outdoor shower garden connecting to the master bath continues the Asian feel.

All first floor living areas open into the garden, so the goal was to make the transition from indoors to outdoors as seamless as possible. This was accomplished by using multiple decks, adding vertical elements such as climbing plants and trellises to form outdoor walls, and designing a patio area large enough to be immediately accessible to all the rooms it serves. The patio was kept appropriately scaled visually by breaking up the large paving stones with nearly equal amounts of turf. The blended use of stone and grass, hard and soft, yan and yin, creates a mood of restful simplicity.

In true Zen fashion this garden is all about transition, as it moves from the sweeping drive and fluid front walkway to the terraced rear lawns with water views, to rock stepping stone paths threading a narrow, shaded passage. Each garden room transcends to yet another more peaceful, elegant space.