Contemporary New England Farmhouse

Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc., Newport, RI created this simple, innovative home design deeply rooted in the New England tradition. The firm's design aesthetic is a quiet modernism based on traditional methods and materials, with a sensitivity to local site and climatic conditions. They approach projects with the belief that the best solutions are logical and direct, that a good design will appear inevitable.

And so, too, was the landscape design. Joyce's plan omitted the typical foundation plantings in keeping with the architects' aesthetic and the home's simplicity; running the lawn up to the foundation allows the dwelling to shine, and rest on its own merits.

Lush yet simple plantings surround the perimeter of much of the property, providing ample area for gardening and much color throughout the seasons as viewed from both indoors and out. The plant palate is restrained, but plants are massed for good effect. Planting for bird watching and habitat was also an important factor in plant selection and placement.

Joyce designed the fountain, which was built of the same stone and reflects the same shape as the dwelling's artisanal-crafted chimney.

Opposite the large, open deck, Joyce outlined a similar sized lawn and garden area with bluestone pavers - it is in alignment with the deck but creates a more intimate destination - another simple yet distinct correlation between the house and garden.