Perennial Gardener's Delight

An exuberant cottage garden was what this homeowner envisioned when down-sizing in retirement to the family's Cape Cod summer home. Splitting time between grandchildren, the beach and the garden was the new order of the day.

While the back garden is a private gathering space with plenty of lawn for family activities and clam bakes, the front garden is designed to present a cheery, colorful entrance for visitors and streetscape for passers-by.

The ritual tasks of dead-heading, tying and staking perennial flowers were minimized by making thoughtful plant choices. What work this garden style does entail, however, is no chore for an avid perennial gardener, and her attention to detail maintains the integrity of the lavish cottage garden design throughout the seasons. A ready supply of cut flowers for the house and to share with friends is one reward for her toil; providing memories for her grandchildren of exploring this colorful sea of fragrant blooms is the icing on her cake.