A Seaside Garden

Association of Professional Landscape Designers
Annual International Design Competition

In 2005 Joyce received a Silver Award from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers in an international design competition for her residential entry, A Seaside Garden.

Creating a private oasis for adults and a safe play area for small children were the primary objectives of this garden make-over, second only to augmenting the stunning natural scenery with carefully selected ornamental and native plants that play with the ocean light and breezes and provide a very important sense of personal scale.

Design considerations included dealing with winter winds off the ocean, salt spray, potential flooding and beach accretion, and a very tight existing underground infrastructure.

The mature trees and traditional plantings on the street side of this diminutive home could place it in any small town in New England; the surprise comes in the back garden refuge which opens to a vast world that stretches as far as the eye, and imagination, can see.