Updated Period Garden

Stately, Italianate, Mansard-roofed homes from the Second Empire architectural period were popular in the Northeastern United States during the early Victorian era. This 1880 home and cottage were renovated throughout in elegant period style, and outdoors was no exception.

Reflecting this era called for landscape design simplicity. Restrained foundation plantings, wide lawns, and old fashioned hedges set off sweeping rooflines and flourishing architectural details. With the 'bones' of the garden in place, and taking cues from the homeowner's discerning eye and love of found objects, lattice panels, finials, trellises, antique edging, urns and more were incorporated into the landscape, creating outdoor rooms with style, elegance and charm.

Decorative plant material choices were also restricted to reflect period accuracy to a great extent, yet varied colors, textures and forms abound. Mature Siberian elms anchor both house and cottage to their site, providing opportunities for uniting the close-set buildings with both shared and individual patios, walkways and gardens.

The result is a series of serene and peaceful outdoor rooms that hearken to another era while providing hints to the playful nature of their perfectly modern inhabitants.